Emergency Supply


Pharmacists, in emergency circumstances, can supply certain prescription only medicines without a prescription. These emergency supplies can be carried out at the request of a patient or at the request of a prescriber. 

When supplying medicines in an emergency situation where a valid prescription has not been given, your StayWell Pharmacists' must be satisfied that there is an immediate need for the medicine and it's impracticable to obtain a prescription, that is why you may be asked a number of questions that may appear obvious to yourself. Your StayWell Pharmacists will assess potential risks both to the safety and welfare of you, the patient, and also in the context of their own liability where medicines are supplied in the absence of a prescription and with that in mind, an emergency supply may not always be deemed appropriate.

If you have requested an emergency supply, your StayWell Pharmacists will consult privately with you to determine whether the supply is appropriate and necessary. If you are unknown to the StayWell Pharmacist or, if the medication requested has never been dispensed in that StayWell Pharmacy before, we may have to phone the pharmacy previously used to dispense the medication or your GP. This may take some time but is done so with your own safety firmly in mind and to ensure the correct medication is given and/or the supply is appropriate.

If an emergency supply is deemed necessary and appropriate, no more than 5 days supply of the medicine can be supplied with the exception of Inhalers, Creams/Ointments, Oral Contraceptive Pills and Liquid Antibiotics.

An emergency supply of controlled drugs (CD's) can never be supplied whether at the request of a patient or a prescriber.

It is with your best interests that  your StayWell Pharmacists reserve the emergency supply of medications to genuine emergency situations only, avoiding complacency or supplies being made on a regular basis. We will always reaffirm the importance of regular attendance and consultation with your prescriber. 

Speak to your StayWell Pharmacist for more information.