Blister Packing Service


At StayWell Pharmacy we offer a blister packing service to our patients because for many people of all ages, taking four or more medications can be managed simply by using blister packs. Blister packing is a very convenient, portable, and simple way to manage your medications.

A blister pack makes it easy to take the right medicines at the right time by dividing your tablets into separately sectioned blisters, each marked with the time of day when the tablets should be taken.

This can improve your medication adherence and reduce errors. Caregivers can also easily check that the right medicines have been taken in a timely manner.

Blister packs can help if you are

  • Struggling to organise medicines.
  • Finding it difficult to remember when to take your medicines.
  • Helping to look after someone else.
  • Recently home from hospital and suddenly have a lot more tablets to take.
  • Looking after someone who is visually impaired.
  • On a complex medication regime.

Please ask one of our StayWell Pharmacy healthcare advisors for more information about this service for either yourself or someone you know who would benefit from it.