Healthy Habits: Hydration

Today’s #HealthyHabit is hydration.

One of the most important aspects of our health and wellness is staying hydrated. Even though we are made up of 75% water, we still have to continue drinking it in order to live and stay healthy.

Drinking water does wonders for your body and overall wellness, as it helps the kidneys to flush toxins from your body. In order to maintain the regular functions of daily lie, proper hydration is a must. It is advised that you drink eight 200ml glasses of water every day.

Other benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated include:

  • Promoting your heart health
  • Increasing your energy and brain function
  • Helping your joints and muscles function correctly
  • Maximising your physical performance (sports & normal activities)
  • Cleansing the body

CLICK HERE to download a Healthy Habits Hydration chart to print & take part in the Hydration Challenge at home.

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