Brittle Nails: What's the Fix?

As with most things, good nails start from the inside. What you eat plays a big factor in how strong your nails are. 

If you aren't eating enough of the “good stuff”, all of the less-vital bodily processes will suffer. Your body will prioritize your major organ systems and neglect more minor ones like your nails, hair and skin.

New York's Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital studied the effects of certain vitamins on nail health. They discovered that biotin helps to fight brittle nails. Biotin is commonly found in a lot of foods that are probably already in your fridge, so get snacking for strong talons.


  1. Eggs

  2. Almonds

  3. Cauliflower

  4. Cheese

  5. Mushrooms

  6. Sweet Potatoes

  7. Spinach