Tips to Sparkle this Season

This festive season, we hope to be able to celebrate – safely – somewhat better than we could last year. Whether you get to enjoy a festive feast with your friends or a Zoom party with a friend abroad, check out our 5 top beauty tips for the festive season.

1. Super Skin

Before you even think about shimmery eyeshadow or bronzed legs you must think: skin prep. Prepping and caring for your skin is key for all that goes on top of it. Make sure you exfoliate, mask and hydrate your skin (face AND body) to the max, especially for a night out in winter. Check out our article on how to take the best care of sensitive skin in the cold weather.

2. Perfect Pout

A statement lip is always a good place to start in the festive season 0 and sometimes that’s all you need. Choose a red with a blue undertone (rather than a pink/orange undertone) – this will make your teeth look super white. A deep burgundy is also a gorgeous way to go, and a matte finish is your best bet for a long-lasting colour.

3. Mesmer-EYES

For a shimmery, festive look, a loose eyeshadow pigment is the way to go. Wet a flat eye-shadow brush before dipping it into the product and applying to the eye. This will make the colour even more pigmented and shimmery, making your eyes sparkle under the Christmas lights. Line with a liquid or kohl black liner, lash on the mascara and you are ready to go.

4. Tanning tips

Once you’ve found the perfect outfit, if your pins are going to be on show then it’s time to give them some loving. De-fuzz (if you wish), exfoliate and hydrate the skin the day before applying any fake tan to the skin to avoid any streaks or patches. Exfoliation is especially important in winter, as we are prone to a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin making it appear duller.

5. Remove pre-snooze

Potentially the most important beauty tip of all – do not sleep in your make-up. Your skin will hate you for it and it will make this known via many dramatic break outs and dry patches. It doesn’t have to be a 10 step skincare routine, but if you can manage some cotton pads, Micellar Water and moisturiser before slipping into a slumber, your skin will thank you for it in the morning.