How To: Treating Burns & Scalds

A burn takes a second to occur and a lifetime to heal if treated incorrectly or with delay.

Burnshield, available in your local StayWell Pharmacy, is an international go-to emergency burn care range of premium products that provide an immediate and effective method of treating burn injuries in the acute (emergency) phase.

Burnshield is suitable for all types of burns:

  • Fire
  • Thermal & scalding
  • Chemical radiation
  • Electrical

Key ingredients:

  • 96% water
  • 1% tea-tree oil
  • 3% gel agent emulsifier moisturiser preservative

Key features:

  • Safe for use on children
  • Highly effective within the first 24 hours
  • Gel structure quickly absorbs and dissipates heat within the affected tissue, minimising burn damage
  • Cools and soothes
  • The high water content in Burnshield effectively transfers heat through
    evaporation providing effective cooling and minimises pain and shock
  • Natural anti-bacterial = properties help reduce infection and keep the
    wound moist and clean
  • Hydrogel is clear - easy to assess wound
  • Non-adherent
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-irritant
  • Products are sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • 5 year shelf life from date of manufacture

Burn classifications

  1. First degree (Superficial Partial Thickness)
    • Very painful with redness of the skin and blister
    • Usually heals satisfactorily with little to no scarring

  2. Second degree (Deep Partial Thickness)
    • Contact with hot liquids, flames or chemicals
    • Severe pain, skin discolouration and blister
    • Produces moist and mottled skin
  3. Third degree (Full Thickness)
    • Direct contact with flames or hot liquids
    • Produces white, leathery, charred and dry skin
    • Destroys hair follicles, blood vessels and nerve

Burnshield in action

Key features

  • Heat is absorbed and dissipated within the
    tissue due to gel structure

  • Cooling is effected by heat transfer and

  • High water content in gel promotes rapid
    cooling resulting in minimising skin damage

Burn statistics

  • The leading cause of residential fire-related death and injury among children ages 9 and under is carelessness
  • The most common thermal burn injuries among children ages 14 and under are from: hair curlers, curling irons, room heaters, ovens, irons, gasoline, and fireworks
  • Most scald burns to children, especially between 6 months and 2 years, are caused by hot foods or liquids spilt in areas where food is prepared and served
  • 70% of burns are domestic, and of that, 60% are 5 years old and younger, while 40% are caused by cooking
  • Recent statistics showed that 126,035 children were treated for burns in the emergency room - 65% scald burns and 20% contact burns - in one year, while there are approximately 1,300 burn-related deaths every year
  • Hot tap water scald burns cause more deaths and hospitalisations than any other hot liquid burns
  • 2 seconds of exposure to 64 C hot water can cause a serious burn needing surgery
  • 85% - 90% of scald burns are related to cooking/drinking/serving hot liquids
  • Coffee, for example, is often served at 79 C and can cause an immediate scald burn
  • The steam in microwave popcorn bags is hotter than 82 C and can burn in a second

Next time you are in your local StayWell Pharmacy, ask our Pharmacist about Burnshield - you never know when you could need it most.

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