8 Ways to Fake Looking Awake

The two main giveaway areas when you have not got enough sleep are your eyes and complexion. Your skin will look tired and dull, and your eyes bloodshot and puffy.

But fear not – we have just the trick(s). Try these tips to fake 8 hours of sleep in just a few minutes.


1. Use a cream/flesh-toned liner

When your eyes are red or bloodshot, this is the perfect fix. Pop some nude eyeliner on your lower waterline to immediately fake that brighter, awake looking by eliminating any redness.

2. De-puff

There are many ways to do this – eye masks are great for popping on just under the eye while you’re getting dressed, having breakfast etc. These will moisturise and soothe your under eye, calming down the puff. Eye creams have a similar effect. If you’re really stuck, use a couple of ice cubes or some cucumber slices.

3. Drops

Pop some lubricating eye drops into your peepers to help that tired, fatigued feeling.

4. Inner corner shimmer

Use a small brush or your index finger to put a small amount of a light coloured, shimmery eye shadow in the inner corner or your eye. Bringing brightness to that inner corner makes your eyes look instantly more awake.


5. Face mask

When you get up, pop on a hydrating, brightening face mask to give your tired skin a radiant boost. If you are putting on make up afterwards it will help it apply better and more naturally.

6. Less is more

When you know you look tired, it can be your first instinct to pile on the foundation, but don’t overdo it – this can actually make your skin look more dull and tired. Keep it as natural as you can with light layers and a good, brightening undereye concealer.

7. Cream products

Using cream products not only creates a more dewy, natural look making you appear more radiant than you feel, but also blend well with the skin. On tired, dull or dehydrated skin, powder products can just make it look even more tired and dull. Try some cream blush and highlighter for an instant ‘wide awake’ glow.

8. Energising moisturiser

Use a moisturiser with energising ingredients to help boost your tired skin’s appearance – look out for caffeine and ginseng on the ingredients list.

*BONUS TIP: If all else fails, whack on a red lip to distract from all hints of tiredness.