5 Tips for Great Skin

  1. Pain & tingling do not mean it’s working. If a product makes your skin feel like it’s burning or tingling, it is probably damaging your skin and you should not continue to use it.

  2. Diet & water intake are everything. The foods you eat and the amount of water you drink will do more for your skin that piling products on to it. Specifically, if a certain type of food makes you break out – cleanser is not going to fix that, removing that food from your diet will. The age-old tale of water being the skin’s saviour holds true – drink as much of it as possible.

  3. Be gentle. Be careful not to pull, drag or scrub at your skin while doing your skincare routine – particularly around the eyes. Avoid using exfoliating scrubs too often (no more than once a week) and avoid ones with abrasive ingredients.

  4. Don’t go overboard. Your skincare routine is not necessarily better because it has 17 steps and 52 products. You only really need the key items we have mentioned and a good sunscreen, everything else is a bonus.

  5. Order is important. With any skincare products, try to apply them in order of consistency – from thinnest to thickest. For example – cleanser, then toner, serum (if you use one) and finally moisturiser and SPF.