8 ways to recycle used coffee grounds

Did you know, instead of throwing out your used coffee grounds in the morning, you can actually save them, recycling them for other uses around your home?

1. Beat the pests

The little pests that set up camp in your gardens and snack away on bits of your plants, hindering their growth, happen to hate coffee. Sprinkle your used coffee grounds around your plants to keep the pests at bay.

2. Nurture your plants

As well as keeping pests away, coffee grounds also contain several key minerals needed for plant growth – nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium.

The grounds will also help to decrease the concentration of heavy metals in the soil that may be causing contamination.

3. De-odor your fridge

Not as a body deodorant mind you (as we think of creative ways to get caffeine into our bodies even faster) but rather, one for your fridge. Spread your used coffee grounds on a baking sheet and let them dry out.

When dry, pop the coffee grounds into a small bowl or open container at the back of your fridge. The coffee grounds absorb any overpowering or spoiled food odours lingering in your fridge.

4. Hit the tub

Used coffee grounds can make an amazing body scrub. Combine one cup of your used coffee grounds, one cup of coarse sea salt and one cup of melted coconut oil.

This concoction exfoliates the skin, leaving it super smooth, as well as increasing blood flow as you use it, which contributes to overall skin health.

5. Fix for your lips

Struggling with chapped lips? Mix your coffee ground with some honey and use it as a lip scrub to remove dead skin. Apply a hydrating lip balm afterwards.

6. Hand saviour

Do you ever find it near impossible after chopping onions or garlic to get the scent off your hands? Try wetting them and scrubbing with some coffee ground, then rinsing under cool water.

Just like in the fridge, they remove strong smells from the skin, as well as helping clean the skin due to their antibacterial properties.

7. Scrub-a-dub

If, like us, you just don’t have the upper arm strength to scrub at stubborn pots or your grill for hours, try adding some coffee grounds on top of any stubborn spots and using a sponge to scrub.

Not only will this help remove the residue, it will also stop you scratching the surface or your pot, pan or grill while scrubbing.

8. Treat your drain

The rough texture and strong scent of used coffee ground can help to unclog your drain. Try boiling a cup of the used coffee grounds in some hot water before pouring the mixture down the drain.