Healthy Habits: Checking In

Our final week of our Healthy Habits campaign has arrived, with perhaps the most important topic of all: checking in.

It is so important to check in with yourself, to recognise and acknowledge how you might be feeling, and it is important to do this on a regular basis.

Particularly over the last 2 years, most of us have been really struggling with the effects of the pandemic, and are equally struggling now as we attempt to manoeuvre our way through going back to somewhat "normal."

If you're struggling, talk to a loved one or a healthcare professional, write your thoughts down in a journal, do something that makes you feel good, practice self-care, and get plenty of rest.

If you feel you are able, check in on others around you too who may be struggling in silence. A friendly smile or a reminder that things will be ok can go so far when someone is feeling low or overwhelmed.

We really hope you enjoyed coming on this #HealthyHabits journey with us and taking part at home, and we hope that some of the habits might have stuck with you and will help you going forward!